Eat Your Way To Good Health

You may have read a new nutritional guidebook called “The China Study,” by T. Colin Campbell, PhD and Thomas M. Campbell II. In that book, which emphasizes the health benefits of a supplement free vegetarian diet, you will find these three principles:

Optimal nutrition is based on eating food rather than swallowing nutrient supplements.

The closer that foods are to their native states (how they are at the peak of harvest freshness), prepared with minimal cooking, salt and processing, the greater the long-term health benefits of eating them.

It is best to choose locally and organically grown produce whenever possible.

I would add this: Drink and cook with filtered water, stay physically active by performing several hours of daily brisk walks, run, hike, bike, or swim plus include calisthenic strength training. Sleep at least eight hours each night, and take a twenty-minute power nap in the afternoon too if your schedule will allow it. Identify sources of stress in your life, form a plan to remove or manage stress. Put a smile on your face and be the positive influence on everyone you meet each day. Be moral, humble, faithful, and an honor to your family heritage and name.

I believe that people can establish the means to do the things that I added to the study findings, by consuming healthy vegetarian food in amounts that support their daily calorie burn, and in forms that provide essential nutrients. I do not agree that Vegan equals optimal health. Clean fish in two or three meals a week, poultry in two or three, and red meat in two or three are not harmful, and for the meat eaters in your family, these are the treats they crave. If you remove meat entirely, they will dismiss the diet.

This stops many folks from eating healthy: Bad habits. The eating habits of many people are so ingrained that the switch is as daunting as to stop speaking your native language. Are you a skilled cook? You had better acquire that skill, because you will pay far more money to purchase prepared meals, you have no guarantee that prepared meals are healthy, or you may not have an option where you live to find a source for prepared meals.

What is your daily routine? If your lifestyle is sedentary (mostly sitting and reclining), you are in the optimum position to make this change. Why? Mostly what you do is sit, stare at something, and eat. Rather than reach for a processed food in a bag or order online, plan one of the healthy meals around your most likely sitting situation (probably dinner). Prepare that meal (that will provide you with some physical activity). After a couple of weeks of preparing and eating healthy meals, do you feel better. Yes? Take the next step, and keep stepping ahead to end your bad habits permanently. You will love your life again!