Foods to Avoid While Suffering From Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is common in mid and old aged people, especially in the women after menopause. It is a disease in which bones become porous and as a result, the patient becomes more susceptible to the bone fractures. This is very risky and people are usually unaware of its symptoms until they suffer from a fracture. In fact, this disease develops silently without any prior warnings.

Statistics show that osteoporosis causes nearly 8.9 million fractures every year and this number is increasing day by day. Every 3 second, one fracture happens due to this disease. It actually erodes the density of bones or decreases the mass of bones. The bones become so fragile that they may break down even with the little bumps or sneeze. It is estimated that nearly 200 million women are affected globally with this disease. Proper diet and regular exercise may restore their health.

Most of the experts suggest calcium-rich to fight it out. But absorption of calcium by the body is equally important in the case of Osteoporosis. So, along with eating healthy and calcium oriented foods, you need to work on the process of calcium absorption in the body. Vitamin D does it naturally. However, there are few foods that not only decline calcium but also reduce its absorption process. They can accentuate the menace of this disease. Here are those foods to avoid while suffering from this severe bone condition:

Avoid Too Much of Salt:

Salt is a major ingredient of almost every recipe but its excessive intake can be hazardous in many ways. Particularly, in the case of Osteoporosis, it can increase the calcium loss of body through urine. A research stated that increase of 100 mmol salts in the diet can expel calcium amounting 1.4 mmol from the body. Perhaps, it equates to 1% extra loss of bone every year. Food constituted of high salt include processed meat, burger, pizzas, snacks, canned soup, bread, tacos, fries, hot dogs, and canned vegetable or vegetable juices. These foods should be avoided or kept limited in the diet to escape the loss of bones.

Refrain from Carbonated Drinks:

Soft drinks lack the content of calcium and most of them contain phosphoric acid that can increase the loss of calcium through urine. It has a dual effect and makes the condition of bones more vulnerable to the diseases like this.

Avoid Caffeine:

Caffeine can leach away calcium from bones and hamper its strength to some extent. On an average, consumption of 100 mg caffeine can cost you to lose 6 mg of calcium. Avoid coffee, tea, soda and caffeine-laden drinks in this disease. Reach out for decaffeinated tea or iced tea in such cases.

Stay Away From Sugar:

Though sugar is important, but its excess quantity in diet can increase the sugar level in the blood which directly affects the erosion of calcium. It can increase calcium excretion through urine. Food like cakes, candies, juices, canned soup, biscuits, and granola bars should be completely avoided.

You should refrain from the intake of all these food items while suffering from the extreme bone issue like osteoporosis.