Doctors Say My Back Should Not Hurt Like It Does

I have a friend who played professional football a few years before all the new rules came about to protect players from injuries. His back hurts him. He has had several surgeries. He has a reason to hurt. Another friend was a construction worker who broke his back. He has a reason to hurt. My dad is 85, and he worked finishing concrete. All those years working bent over did a job on his back. He has a reason to hurt. I am fit, no chronic diseases, lift weights and exercise and I am seeing a chiropractor in Cumming. I have no idea why my back hurts. I have had imaging done, and I have had my entire work and exercise routines examined by a physical therapist and medical doctor. No rhyme or reason other than my back gets out of alignment and puts pressure on the delicate nerves.

When I get my routine adjustments, I feel tremendously better. I am not talking about some positive reinforcement type of thing or placebo either. I do not have other aches and pains, and I do not worry about much. I am not a stressed out person. I do not drink or smoke, and I am not on any pharmaceuticals prescribed or not. I have never done anything to hurt my back, but I can wake up so sore that I can hardly move. I go to the chiropractor in Cumming, and I can get around just fine after that. It is like a switch being thrown. I go in with the pain switch on, and I walk out with it turned off. Medically, my back looks great on everything from x-rays to CT scans to MRIs. I have had two full MRIs of my back. So, I have a clean bill of health and an occasional aching back. It can hit me just walking or sitting. I see the chiropractor in Cumming, and I am fine for a few more weeks.