Why Do My Feet Hurt So Badly?

I went to a chiropractor in Phoenix AZ largely due to the nudging of my mother. I work a waitressing job, I’m young, and I shouldn’t be having the type of foot pain I’m currently experiencing. It’s absolutely ridiculous that someone of my young age should barely be able to walk after pulling a ten hour shift at the restaurant. At first the obvious thought is that my shoes aren’t right. I’ve gone through about four different pairs of shoes and it hasn’t helped. We even went in and had a pair fitted just right and that did nothing either.

Quitting wasn’t an option. I really needed the money because I’m saving up for college and school starts in a few months. It’s not like jobs are growing on trees around here either. If I quit I wouldn’t be able to attend classes. So what I did is start soaking my feet in Epsom salts at night and trying salves and balms that promised to ease sore muscles. The relief I got from these things was transitory at best. After work the next day I was right back to hobbling around like an old woman. My grandmother gets around better than I do.

My Mom had gone to a chiropractor for a bad back and remembered he did something about orthotics. So we went in and what he did is nothing short of a miracle (and something I hadn’t thought about). He took my shoes, examined them, and made a custom insole which he then inserted into the shoes. Wow! The pain is gone! Not only is the pain gone, I’m floating around at work like I’m walking on clouds. I get off after a long shift and my feet feel like I’ve been sitting around on a comfy couch all day. Miraculous!