Not Letting Back Pain Get in the Way of Building Memories with Our Daughter

I figured it was time to do something when my daughter asked me how my back was before asking the question she really wanted to ask. I felt bad that she was being compassionate to me. I did not want my aching back to hold us back from doing things together. We used to roller skate all the time, and she wanted to go skating with me. She was nine, and it would not be long before her friends would take priority. I started seeing a chiropractor in Corte Madera the same day.

It was early in the morning when she asked me. Her and her mom was going shopping and then to lunch, and she wanted us all to go roller skating in the afternoon. I called and got a morning appointment with the chiropractor. I was surprised they could see me so early. I had never been to a chiropractor, but I was really glad I went. The adjustment, massage and electrical stim therapy really made my back feel much better. I was ready and willing to go roller skating in the afternoon. I was able to even sit without pain in theater seats for a matinee movie with my wife and daughter.

I went every day to the Corte Madera chiropractor for the first few days. Then it was three times per week. After that, I went in once or twice per week. Now I only need to go in if I neglect my exercises or do something to aggravate my back pain such as sitting to long at work. Our daughter is having so much fun now that we all are doing things together. On a bicycle ride she said how she wants it to be this way forever. I know that times will change, so I am building as many great memories as possible not letting my bad back get in the way of doing that.