How a Rabbit Hole in My Yard Sent Me to My Turlock Chiropractor

I was out mowing our yard in the spring and stepped down into a rabbit hole. It was abandoned and not too deep. It was just big enough to knock me off balance and have me do a sideways dance trying to keep from falling. Well, I landed on the soft grass anyway. My wrist took the force of the fall and hurt a little, but I got up, shook it off and started mowing again. I marked that hole with a stick rather than filling it in, and by evening I was calling my Turlock chiropractor to see if I could come in the next day.

I have experience with wrenching my back. You do not really feel the damage until later the same day or the next day. This time I was feeling it pretty good just a few hours later. I had the rice bag heating up in the microwave and popped a couple ibuprofen. I was glad that I had the next day off from work. Otherwise, I would have been miserable trying to get through a day at work. I got an early morning appointment, and the treatment made a huge difference. The chiropractor did the adjustment, but I also got the electrical stim therapy, a deep muscle massage and heat therapy. I felt a whole lot better walking out of the office than when I walked in.

I was able to enjoy the rest of my day off without all that nagging pain in my back that takes more than a week to go away on its own when I do this to myself. I am glad there were no baby rabbits in that rabbit hole. That would have devastated me to have hurt them. I have been mowing around that spot instead, and have noticed some young rabbits in the yard with their mother.