A Winning Betting Streal from Baseball

During the World Series for baseball, I made a lot of money on betting web sites. Normally I don’t bet on sporting games because I always get mad when I lose, but I just had to get in on the action this time. My home team was in the playoffs for the league, but once they were taken out by another team, I decided to root for one of the teams in the World Series and made a bet on who would win each game. Amazingly, I was able to predict the winner on each of the games in the Series, so I walked away with a big pay out. I probably won’t be lucky enough to do the same thing next year, but I’m willing to give it a shot when the season starts up again.

I was pretty excited when I bet on the first game and won, and even more when I did it the second time. I had a feeling that the series wouldn’t be a complete blow out, because the teams were just too good for that to happen. Based on how the teams had been playing before, I knew when it would be best to switch from betting on one team to the next. Some die hard fans would probably keep betting on the same team just to show their support, but I didn’t let that stop me. My motivation was just winning more money.

My friends were surprised that I was able to pull off such an impressive betting streak. They’re not really the kind of people who will bet on sports unless it’s a boxing match, because they think that they can easily figure out who is going to win between two boxers, even though I’ve seen them lose many times when making bets.