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A Careless Throw and a Broken Enclosure

I gave my son a baseball as a gift once and he always keeps it with him. He keeps in his pocket when he’s eating, he keeps it in his backpack at school, and when he’s sitting in his room, he throws and catches it. One day he was catching the ball in the bathroom with one hand while he was brushing his teeth. I’ve told him not to do that in the bathroom because he might break something, and he did. He broke the glass shower enclosure, so I needed a shower enclosure replacement in NJ.

Kids never listen to a word you say, unless there’s some kind of punishment involved. In order to make sure that my son wouldn’t toss the ball around where he wasn’t supposed to, I punished him by taking away his allowance for a year. I told him that the money from his allowance would go to paying for the new shower enclosure. He wasn’t too happy to hear that, but it’s for his own good. He tried to beg and plead with me to change my mind, but I refuse to give in. It’s the only way he’ll learn not to do something that I’ve told him not to do.

It’s been a while since the shower enclosure replacement was done. All things considered, the enclosure looks better than the one that my son broke, so there is a good side to all of this. My son is still mad that he doesn’t have an allowance, but he’ll get over it. Before he knows it, that year will go by quickly and he’ll be able to start getting money again, that is, if he doesn’t break anything else by tossing the baseball in the air. I think he’s learned his lesson, at least for now.

How a Rabbit Hole in My Yard Sent Me to My Turlock Chiropractor

I was out mowing our yard in the spring and stepped down into a rabbit hole. It was abandoned and not too deep. It was just big enough to knock me off balance and have me do a sideways dance trying to keep from falling. Well, I landed on the soft grass anyway. My wrist took the force of the fall and hurt a little, but I got up, shook it off and started mowing again. I marked that hole with a stick rather than filling it in, and by evening I was calling my Turlock chiropractor to see if I could come in the next day.

I have experience with wrenching my back. You do not really feel the damage until later the same day or the next day. This time I was feeling it pretty good just a few hours later. Continue reading

Not Letting Back Pain Get in the Way of Building Memories with Our Daughter

I figured it was time to do something when my daughter asked me how my back was before asking the question she really wanted to ask. I felt bad that she was being compassionate to me. I did not want my aching back to hold us back from doing things together. We used to roller skate all the time, and she wanted to go skating with me. She was nine, and it would not be long before her friends would take priority. I started seeing a chiropractor in Corte Madera the same day.

It was early in the morning when she asked me. Her and her mom was going shopping and then to lunch, and she wanted us all to go roller skating in the afternoon. I called and got a morning appointment with the chiropractor. I was surprised they could see me so early. I had never been to a chiropractor, but I was really glad I went. The adjustment, massage and electrical stim therapy really made my back feel much better. Continue reading

My Shoulder is Almost Completely Better

I had shoulder pain for quite a few months. I thought at first that it was a work injury, then I figured it was just old age creeping in. Granted, I am not that old at 44 years old, but I also knew that my body took longer to recover than it did when I was in my 20s. I did not even consider going to a chiropractor in San Diego because I just figured that it was something I had to deal with. I am not the type of guy to go running to the doctor every time I have a sniffle or I have a body ache.

I realized though that I needed to do something because this pain was really starting to interfere with how I was living my life. It was getting harder to do what I had to do on the construction job I work, plus my home life was suffering too because I just wanted to relax or sleep when I got home because of the pain. My wife had looked online and found a chiropractor that is not far from us, and she made me an appointment with them on my day off. Continue reading

Why Do My Feet Hurt So Badly?

I went to a chiropractor in Phoenix AZ largely due to the nudging of my mother. I work a waitressing job, I’m young, and I shouldn’t be having the type of foot pain I’m currently experiencing. It’s absolutely ridiculous that someone of my young age should barely be able to walk after pulling a ten hour shift at the restaurant. At first the obvious thought is that my shoes aren’t right. I’ve gone through about four different pairs of shoes and it hasn’t helped. We even went in and had a pair fitted just right and that did nothing either.

Quitting wasn’t an option. I really needed the money because I’m saving up for college and school starts in a few months. Continue reading

Doctors Say My Back Should Not Hurt Like It Does

I have a friend who played professional football a few years before all the new rules came about to protect players from injuries. His back hurts him. He has had several surgeries. He has a reason to hurt. Another friend was a construction worker who broke his back. He has a reason to hurt. My dad is 85, and he worked finishing concrete. All those years working bent over did a job on his back. He has a reason to hurt. I am fit, no chronic diseases, lift weights and exercise and I am seeing a chiropractor in Cumming. I have no idea why my back hurts. I have had imaging done, and I have had my entire work and exercise routines examined by a physical therapist and medical doctor. No rhyme or reason other than my back gets out of alignment and puts pressure on the delicate nerves.

When I get my routine adjustments, I feel tremendously better. Continue reading

Action Movies Take a Toll on Me

I love my job. It is full of action and danger. I work as a stuntman in Hollywood. I do stunts for some the biggest productions on film and television. I have been blessed to work with some the hottest actors and actresses in the industry. I take my job very seriously. I would not trade it for the world. A couple of weeks ago. I injured my back doing a movie stunt. I went to a Sacramento chiropractic clinic for help.

I always had an interest of working in the movie and television industry. My father sparked my passion for the industry. He used to work on a action series. He invited me to see the production from behind the scenes. I was so amazed at how hard the production crew, writers, and actors worked to make the show. I was blown away when I saw a stuntman jump out a burning building. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. I knew at that moment that I found my calling in life.

One day, I was working on the set of a new movie. I was playing a ninja superhero. In my scene, I was suppose the jump three stories out of a window while being on fire. The scene seemed to go as planned. Continue reading